Bancacy’s Unique Features

Bancacy’s core design principles of asset solidification, self-governancy, and incentive ecosystem are supported by a host of innovative features.



  1. Offshore Storing assets at any market condition
  2. No fiat backed Cryptocurrency!
  3. Three Smart-Contracts backed by Algorithms & Math broadcasting among each other
  4. Eliminating the fear in iliquid asset
  1. 100% on-chain, decentralized, and immutable
  2. No undue founder influence following Asset-Solidification smart contract deployment
  3. Resistant to individual or community influence discord, disagreement, or misinterpretation
Inventive Ecosystem
  1. Indiscriminate economic concept implementing ascending initial price sale for candid launch
  2. Two Inventive model in purpuse to ecnourage Investor and Partners :
    • Investments provides one time Investment that will be claimable after investment length
    • Passive Income substitute the inflexibility in long term Investment allowing participants to claim Income every day!
  3. Dynamic interest rate ensuring appropriate infilation rate and full stability
Additional Features

For a more comprehensive explanation of these features and other aspects of Bancacy, please see the Whitepaper.