Instantaneous Value-Vault Platform

Asset Solidification | Self-Governance Incentive-Ecosystem.

Bancacy is a inovative decentrelized ecosystem that utilize BNY/XBNY Cryptocurrencies for Asset Solidification, Investments and Passive Income in aspiration to deliver fully decentrelized and immutable Banking system powerd by the BlockChain .

Bancacy is solving Two primary problems in our current Cryptocurrencies ecosystem:

1. Insufficient Trading Liquidity – traders often find themselves incapable to implement their own profit from trading. We suggest bitcoin up test alternately which is purely an automated trading platform.

2. Market Volatility – due to the immature of the Cryptocurrencies market, extensive value fluctuations occurs in the new asset.

Asset Solidification Eliminating the fear of missing opportunities due to market instability — Asset Solidification smart contract will be deployed after market along with BNY price maturity.

SELF-GOVERNANCE Exhaustive decentralization and independence from central authority after Asset Solidification smart contract deployment.

Incentive Ecosystem Enabling maximum appeal directed toward investors and durable passive income aspirants.

Asset Solidification—The fundamental aspect in Bancacy that will allow investors to solidate and bond thier BNY value in USD utilizing XBNY in sake of eliminating any fiat backed Cryptocurrency or reliance on third party integrity. Three Smart Contracts will interact among each other in order to act as vicarious for fiat backed Cryptocurrency, furthermore accomplishing self-determined Asset Solidification adopting BlockChain technology for the sake of replacing exiting centrelized platforms.

The BNY Cryptocurrency will implement the economic model for interest rate upon deposit in Two methods:

Investments— User friendly feutrue that allow investor to invest their tokens and recive thier initial investment + Dynamic interest rate upon investment term period passed.

Passive Income— Complementary for the Investment function, Passive Income will entitle the user a daily basis stream of income branched into 365 days.

Dynamic Interest Rate will ensure that the inflation rate for BNY will stay flat as well as gradually equitable toward all users via mechanism that compensate the early investors with ameliorated Interest Rate in distinction to the later investors . Investments is divided into 3 categories that are sorted by investment length and each will have its own Interest rate permissive larger rate for greater duration with starting point at 0.16% up to 12.8% per year. To eliminate excess BNY creation those functiltes will be restricted in a way that if theoretically all the BNY supply invested in the platform, Interest Rate will be 0. That in purpose of establishing balanced ecosystem that guarantee profitability for all the Investors.

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Owners Manual

Like with any other asset or technology, it’s important for users to know how Bancacy works—the WhitePaper , along with the documents and information referenced therein, is required reading for any Bancacy owner.

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Token Sale Terms

Bancacy will be offered to the public via an autonomous descending price sale, Its authors will receive a one-time retention of 17% (170 million) of the initial BNY supply those will be used for long-term project development. The autonomous ascending price public sale will take place at Bancacy launch and 23% of the supply will be offered to the public. 6% of the total supply will be utilize in private sale for Bancacy partners. 54% of BNY supply will be provided for Initial Exchange Offering.

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Bancacy Conceptualized, Research and Development

Q1 2019

Bancacy Founded Team members added with network development beginning

Q1 2019

Investment and Passive Income development done

Q1 2019

Asset Solidification platform testing

Q2 2019

Bancacy Launch!


A project as advanced and ambitious as Bancacy requires known, proven talent and leadership in cryptocurrencies—people who uniquely understand the engineering and marketplace challenges.

Andres Mussa

Founder / Software Developer

(Chief Trading Software Development Analyst – Bitcoin Lifestyle Trading bot


Paddy Stash

Chief Designer

Sean Lus-mastus

Community managment